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Course Curriculum

Mynah provides value education and enriched classroom workshops covering three important areas, which are general public health, mental health and sexual health. We have separated these into three modules covering a total of 12 workshops. We trust in the idea of making the acquisition of this additional knowledge extremely easy so that the adolescent continues with their school syllabi and gathers this information along the way without any additional stress. Our course curriculum is direct, interactive and will help the child's happiness and success in life inside and outside the confines of a classroom, so as to prepare them for real world challenges. For any additional information about what we do, please go over our FAQs or Contact Us directly.

Modules We Cover

Public Health

We consider public health to be a key element in a healthy lifestyle. We strive to impart scientific knowledge about one's health, legal rights and duties. We task ourselves with empowering young minds to actively participate in impacting healthcare and lifestyle choices within their communities. 


Below is a sample of some material we offer in this area:


Mental Health

We firmly believe that health is incomplete without good mental health. Anyone can face challenges in this regard and our mission is to help them deal with these changes in a healthy manner. We aim to ideally start young and prepare the next generation to become well rounded, resilient adults. We seek to equip them with mature defense mechanisms and rational decision-making skills.  


Below is a sample of some material we offer in this area:

Sexual Health

We aim to educate the teenage mind about attitudes and beliefs about their sexuality, sexual activity, and identity. We are well aware of the emotional turmoil the teenage mind undergoes in today's fast-paced world of social media. We step in to provide these strategies to create wholesome social milieus.

Problems in the sexual domain can arise at any age and stage of life. MYNAH is keen to start conversations and provide appropriate help.


Below is a sample of some material we offer in this area:


Sleep & Hygiene
Stress and Symptoms