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Why burden students with additional classes over and above your school curriculum?

Adolescent mental health, sexual health and coping strategies are rarely covered in the formal school curriculum, even though teachers try to equip their students to the best of their abilities and time. This gets harder as course material becomes more vast and competitive pressures rise. Our sessions are less like a class and more like a problem-solving session to address both students' and teachers' concerns in this fast-paced academic life.

What do we want the student to get out of this program?

The stress that comes with multitasking while in school and trying to be fit at the same time is a balancing act that can cause immense anxiety. We provide tools and skills that enable today’s youth to transition into adulthood as well rounded individuals, capable of efficiently coping with the challenges the world offers.

How much time is required to deliver the modules?

This will depend on the number of topics we are coming in to discuss. In total, we have 3 modules which cover all the course material being provided and it approximately requires 12 hours of interaction time.

Is it necessary to book all the modules together?

As per the client’s requirement, they can choose what module or modules would best complement their curriculum. Please contact us for further questions regarding this.

What will a session be like?

We believe that the priority is always the student. After a brief discussion with their teacher, we would hold our lectures followed by Q & A sessions, or have an interactive, open floor panel discussion. The result being that our students should be going home with a clear understanding of the day's topic.

Is MYNAH only for students ?

No, We understand that anyone at anytime can face problems relating to mental and sexual health. These topics are considered taboo in our society. It is open to everyone who wants to acquire these skills and get reliable information in these core areas. 

What other services can MYNAH proivide to the non-student population ?

MYNAH is open and keen to organize conversations with any group facing problems in the area or sexual and mental health. For example, post-partum depression, geriatric depression, sexual functioning in elderly, the onset of forgetfulness, coping with dementia etc. Please contact us for further details. Pricing available on inquiry. Customized schedule and cost shall be emailed on demand. 

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